We All We Got

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“Mutual Aid is about Solidarity, not charity. It’s about justice and building power. It’s about autonomy and agency amongst our people. It’s more than just survival but about community care. It’s about prioritizing the most vulnerable in our communities. Mutual aid is about redistributing to meet the needs of our communities. It’s about finding out solutions together because all we got is us. It’s about building the world we want through collective power and action. Mutual aid is the moment where we meet people where they are at as it is an essential tool of base-building and relationship building by genuinely serving the people. We’re not just trying to survive under a global pandemic - we are out here building power and movement building for our freedom!”

This zine comprises 40+ images of San Diego, showcasing the beautiful cultural melting pot we’re all so lucky to live in. All of the proceeds from this zine go directly to We All We Got SD. This is a pre order running for one week. We will print as many copies ordered, shipping will start in 3-4 weeks.

30 pg.
Film and Digital photography.

Full color zine.
Digitally printed, satin finish.
8.5” x 5.5”
Open ended pressing.